I am an artist and a teacher. I consider teaching to be an art and believe that art can also teach. I am also a wanderer and have moved often throughout my life. I attended three grade schools. In my late-twenties I once had four library cards at the same time (from cities in three States and one foreign country), all of which were valid and none of which were valid for more than a year. I attended college in Pennsylvania, Vermont, Austria, Germany, and New York. In February of 2013 I hiked 200 miles from the beach in Delaware to the C&O Canal north of Washington, DC. I also lived and worked in the Grand Canyon. I am currently learning Italian and have studied in Lucca, Italy, once for four weeks and once for three. In addition to traveling, I enjoy gardening, camping, hiking & bird watching. I currently live and practice my craft in South Philadelphia.
In 2008, I began tinkering with old silver-plate flatware. I re-purposed the antique silverware into rings, bracelets and earrings. However, I found that making wind chimes, ornaments, and sun catchers from silverware and glass beads was my calling and that my creations could be enjoyed in the home or garden.
I love the sound of the wind and the sparkle of crystal. My creations are an attempt to marry the two and to accentuate the sound of the wind. I use silver-plate flatware of different patterns and weights to create beautiful music as the wind passes through forks, knives and spoons, and when the sun shines, the glass and crystal beads add even more flash and colorful sparkle to the flash of silver.   The ornaments, chimes, and sun catchers can be hung on windows where the play of the sun on the crystals will cause light to dance around the room. This often drives any resident cats crazy. 
All of my wind chimes may be hung outdoors. In my yard, they have hung outside through storms Lee and Irene, and have made it through the cold winters. All chimes may tarnish and even rust, but this is part of their antique charm and the chimes continue to look beautiful for years especially after the silver has tarnished but the crystal beads continue to sparkle.

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